It’s Never Too Early To Grow Your Network

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of joining professional organizations. Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the 15th annual Online News Association conference. While the programming was great, it was a golden opportunity to continue to grow my journalism network.

Malik Edwards

Malik Edwards

One of the young people I met was Malik Edwards of Morgan State University. He was one of four students who were funded by the Knight Foundation as HBCU Fellows to attend the conference. Not only did he do good work for our student newsroom (yes, that’s me in his video), but he was a networking fiend. An example – he saw me at ONA’s Sponsors Reception. Edwards came over and started introducing himself to folks, including a board member who had a job lead for him when he graduates in December.

So after joining professional organizations, start to grow your network. Take cards at events and put notes on the back about the conversations you had. Follow up with an email — or an actual hand-written note card – if you want to impress. And keep up the conversation without being stalkerish. Finally, check out the great advice offered in this Quill article.

Do you have questions on how to navigate your career? Please post them below, or email me directly at AuntBenet AT Gmail DOT com.

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